Cape St Martin Private Nature Reserve is committed to the protection and conservation of its unique ecosystems. Residents are encouraged to respect the environment, adhere to the reserve’s environmental manifesto, and help safeguard this irreplaceable treasure for future generations. 

The Cape St Martin Nature Reserve is a haven for plant and animal life, with a rich variety of vegetation and habitats that support an array of species.The reserve is home to unique fynbos, a mix of evergreen shrubs and flowering plants found only in the Cape Floristic Region. 

The Reserve is home to a diversity of wildlife like the Steenbok & Mongoose. Birdwatchers will delight in spotting species such as the Black Harrier, Cape Sugarbird and Orange-breasted Sunbird. The Reserve’s rocky shores serve as nesting sites for various seabirds, including the endangered African Penguin, Cape Gannet, and the striking White-breasted Cormorant. 

The coastal waters are home to marine ecosystems, from kelp forests to rocky reefs. Both teeming with marine life.

Keep an eye out for the playful Cape Fur Seals and the majestic Southern Right Whales. The whales migrate between June and November. Bottlenose and the Common Dolphin have also been spotted off the Cape St Martin coast.


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