Overlooking St. Helena Bay, lies one of the few untouched areas in the heart of the  South African West Coast, Cape St Martin Private Nature Reserve. It is situated in such a way that it is the only place on the West Coast where you can watch the sun rise and set, over the ocean.

In 1968, Corrie van Zyl and his family settled in Stompneusbaai. Initially, they were cattle and dairy farmers, with a herd of over 800 cattle roaming the land. Subsequently, they built a crayfish factory and a perlemoen farm, which they later sold. In 2006, the Van Zyl’s decided to develop their land into a private nature reserve. They named it Cape St. Martin, after the lighthouse, situated on the peninsula where the development is situated.

Today, Cape St Martin is a private residential nature reserve on its own stretch of coastline. The estate is a nature lovers paradise with ample indigenous green belt space in between properties, to sustain a diversity of wildlife. A botanist’s dream, with free spring flower displays every year.


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